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"I assumed the program would be more playtime for him, but I was wrong, it is so much more.  William has not only learned the rules of the game and improved his skills, but he has also learned about teamwork and cooperation.  All while having fun and making friends."

                                                                                                                                 Erica, Mom of William
"Lil' Sluggers is wonderful; the children learn all about the game and are not just thrown onto the field to play it.  It has been a great experience for our children and we plan on keeping them as involved as possible."
                                                                                                                                                       The MacDonald's, parents of Amanda and Tyler
"The Lil' Sluggers program provides much more than wonderful instruction; it instills children with self-pride, discipline and camaraderie.  Our 5 year old son continues to thrive at Lil' Sluggers in his third season and our 3 year old daughter is looking forward to following her big brother this winter."  
                                                              Jack and Jennifer, parents of Sam and Carley
"My wife and I are extremely impressed and glad that we enrolled our son into Coach Jeff's Lil' Sluggers.  We make it a point to take our son to the park fairly regularly and work with him on the basics.  However, what Coach Jeff and his team offer is not only experience in teaching baseball, but the fundamentals which are so important and can be challenging to teach a 4 year-old.  Coach Jeff and his team of coaches make the class informative and fun for the kids.  They have a wonderful temperament and patience with all the kids.  I would highly recommend to any parent.  Thanks Coach Jeff to you and your team!"                          
Todd and Trish, Gavin's parents
"My wife Jennifer and I cannot say enough about Coach Jeff and his team of coaches, and how well they interact with the children.  Our 4 year-old son simply loves going to play baseball and seeing Coach Jeff.  I have coached children myself in the past - to see how Jeff and his assistant coaches teach the fundamentals of the game, putting the players through drills, etc., but doing it in such a manner that the kids are still enjoying themselves immensely, is a balance that is difficult to achieve for many coaches of children of that age.  Jeff and his coaches definitely have found that balance.  I would strongly recommend Jeff and his Lil' Sluggers to any parent who is looking to introduce their child to baseball while also wanting them to have fun."
                                                          Robert, Dad of Jackson
Meet Program Director - Coach Jeff Kapp
Coach Jeff is a husband and father of 6 year-old Jeffrey.  He began playing organized baseball in 1975, and has played at just about every level since that time.  He was a three-year starter for his high school team at shortstop, and went on to play third base at Purdue University for the only team in school history to make it to the College World Series Regional in Starkville, Mississippi.  He also played semi-professional baseball for the Royals and had two try-outs with the Cincinnati Reds and one with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Since his playing days, he has coached at several different levels, including high school and little league.  Coach Jeff's love and enthusiasm for the game is evident with every class he teaches.
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